State Street

The classic chocolate chip cookie. Wonderfully chewy, and made with organic free range eggs & real butter. 

Stearn's Wharf

A dark chocolate cookie, the Stearn's Wharf also features chocolate chips, caramel bits and pecan pieces. Topped with sea salt. 

Hendry's Beach

The classic peanut butter cookie made with peanut butter, real butter and organic eggs.  Topped with a honey roasted peanut.


Our Hendry's Beach peanut butter cookie... with chocolate chips.   

Cold Springs

This classic oatmeal cookie is deliciously chewy. Excellent dunked in coffee or on its own.   

Hot Springs

Our classic oatmeal cookie, with raisins. Wonderfully chewy with an added pop of flavor. 


Apples, oatmeal and walnuts.  Breakfast in a cookie. 

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